Top Free PLC Simulator Software

What is PLC Simulator?

PLC simulators are used for simulating PLC operation on a personal computer or on a mobile phone.

Ladder logic program can be simulated with the help of a PLC simulator.

A physical PLC is not required to test the ladder logic program.

PLC simulator allows programmer to force input and output signal and test the ladder logic diagrams.

PLC programmer can test and debug the program before installation into its operating environment.

What are the uses of PLC Simulator ?

For testing ladder logic. PLC simulator helps to debug a PLC program.

For training PLC programmers.

Top Free PLC Simulator Software

  • Do-more® Designer

This software creates a virtual PLC. The logic can be tested with this virtual PLC. This software gives the flexibility to test the ladder logic without a PLC.

The simulator supports discrete and analog Input/ output simulation.

Counters, Timers and discrete bit can also be simulated.

PID function can be simulated. Use the Simulator coupled with the Trend View for outstanding visibility of PID processes.

Platform – Windows

It supports following windows operating systems. • Windows 8.1 - 64 bit • Windows 10 • Windows 8.1 - 32 bit • Windows 8 - 64 bit • Windows 8 - 32 bit • Windows 7 - 64 bit • Windows 7 - 32 bit • Windows Vista - 64 bit • Windows Vista - 32 bit

This software is a freeware. It can be downloaded from the following link

  • PLCOpen Editor

PLCOpen is an open source software.

PLCopen editor allows programmer to test a ladder logic,FBD,Instruction list,Structured text or Structured function chart without a PLC hardware.

This simulator supports all the five IEC-61131-standaard languages such as ladder logic,FBD,Instruction list,Structured text or Structured function chart.

The simulator supports following functions – Counter,Timer,One Short Rising,One short falling, Mathematical function, Arithmetic function etc.

Platform – Windows ,Mac,Linux

This simulator can be installed on Windows,Linux and MAC based PCs.

This software is a freeware.

The software can be downloaded from the following link.

  • PLC Ladder Simulator – Android App

PLC ladder simulator is an Android based ladder logic simulation app.

This app can be installed on your android Phone or tablet.

This app support all basic ladder logic functions.This app is an easy to use PLC ladder logic simulator. PLC ladder logic simulator is one of the best option for beginners to learn PLC programming

Free edition of this app is available.

Platform – Android

Download link -

  • PSIM PLC Simulator

PSIM PLC simulator is used for creating and simulating PLC programs using Allen Bradly PLC-2 family instructions.

PSIM emulates scanning sequence of a PLC. When it is in run mode it scans the user program and updates I/O just as would occur in a real PLC.

PSIM contains animated simulation.

Platform - Windows

This Simulator is available for free download from the following link.

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