Free online PLC training

Free online PLC training

PLC(programmable logic controller) is a digital computer used for automation of electromechanical processes in plants. The PLC is designed for multiple inputs and outputs arrangements, so we can get the data from the sensors, work with it and command the actuators.

Online PLC training

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Ladder logic program can be simulated with the help of a PLC simulator.

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Link to virtual lab - Virtual PLC Lab • In this a vlab which is used to demonstrate ladder programming. You can also get the theory, procedures, pre test, review question, post test etc. this lab will help you to implement Logic Gates, DOL starter, on-delay timer, off-delay timer, up and down counter and many more. Below is the list of experiments you can do for free.


Let’s look at an example of how to do a ladder programming using PLC simulator.

Here is the procedures to follow on how to develop a ladder diagram

1.When you click to open the PLC simulator, you will see a window down.

  1. Click on add rung icon in order to add new rung.


  1. Place the contacts according to the requirement by left clicking on the appropriate contact shown at the top.


  1. Right click on the contact or coil and you can give tag name like “start”, “stop” etc. Similarly give tag name to coil like “motor”, “Lamp” etc.

  1. Click the Compile button so the ladder will be ready for running. For testing the logic you have to click on Run button as shown in figure.


For Free scada software

Click the link to know about top scada softwares available for free: Top free SCADA software

Other resources available are as follows:

Videos and ebooks pdfs are inevitable sources

Free eBooks on PLC and industrial automation

There are various useful ebooks and pdfs available.

You can get the link for free industrial automation and PLC ebooks and pdfs right here: Free industrial automation and PLC programming ebooks & pdf

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Who should do this?

Students who are contemplating or the individuals who have finished their degree can learn many from this online PLC automation training.

An Engineer would definitely benefit by learning the basics of PLC technology because it can give you the knowledge to automate tasks.

PLC technicians who design, program, repair and maintain programmable logic controller (PLC) systems