Top free SCADA software

What is a SCADA?

SCADA is an acronym that stands for Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition. Basically, a SCADA system performs two actions, data acquisition and control. SCADA collects data from field device and controllers in the field and sends this data to the main central control unit and which then manages and controls the data.

SCADA systems are used mainly in the industry for control of supervision and data acquisition of industrial processes. A SCADA system can control other controllers such as PLCs, DCSs located at distant locations as a monitoring system. Therefore, SCADA is used in large industries.

What is SCADA software?

A SCADA software is used to acquire data from field devices, monitor the data and use it to control the hardware. It is used in power plants, oil and gas refining, telecommunications, transportation and water and waste control.

The software constantly searces for plant data in real time, stores data in the database, processes them in the database, generates reports, evaluates and generates alarms, displays information on display plant operators to plant operators, supervisors and managers

How to choose a SCADA software?

  • Is your SCADA system compatible across multiple operating systems?

  • Will it support my future needs as well as my existing ones?

  • What drivers does the SCADA system include?

  • What’s the cost?

  • How is the customer support?

  • Is it Scalable?

  • How easy will it be to upgrade my system?

  • How safe is my SCADA system?

Purpose of SCADA software

  • Monitoring: Continuous monitoring of parameter and variables

  • Data Acquisition: Frequent acquisition of data from RTUs and Data Loggers

  • Control: Online real-time control for closed loop and open loop processes.

  • Measurement: To gather measurement information and measurement variable processing

  • Automation: Automatic tasks of switching of transmission lines, CBs, etc

Top free SCADA software:

1. OpenSCADA

openscsda OpenSCADA is an open source Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition System. It is platform independent and based on a modern system design that provides security and flexibility at the same time.

Writing source code, writing documentation, fixing bugs or providing fresh input. Anything is welcome.

Supported protocol: TCP client/server communication concept with the NGP and NET protocol. Supported OS: Windows, Linux License: GPL Download link: Open SCADA

2. OpenAPC:


OpenAPC (Open Advanced Process Control) is a flexible software that visualizes and control task from home automation to industrial automation. It is compatible with HMI controlled by touchscreen. Provides separate applications for editing and debugging. Need not to write a program for programming.

Supported Protocol: Modbus, HTTP, RTC, Supports: windows, Linux, mac. Download link: OpenAPC

3. Free Scada:

Free SCADA is open source SCADA software, provides you Modbus RTU connection and TCP/IP reserved port. Flexible tool for visualizing and interaction control for any industrial process.

Supported OS: Windows License: Freeware Download link: FreeSCADA

4. IndigoSCADA


Almost all features for a SCADA software is open sourced accept master-slave protocol drivers. HMI is based in QT library and supports multiple HMI windows. Softlogic programming with C scripts. Built-in IEC 60870-5-101 data types

Supported Protocol : OPC DA 2.05, A&E 1.1, HDA 1.20, DNP 3.0, RFC 1006, Modbus, MQTT 3.1.1. Supported OS: Windows, Linux License: GPL Download link: IndigoSCADA

5. S.E.E.R. 2


S.E.E.R 2 is a web-based user interface. This app is available in different languages which are English, French, and Spanish languages. Providing live HMI / Reporting / and History functionality with database and table backend auto-creation

S.E.E.R. Is driven by mod_openopc, which utilizes extension applications, such as syphon, fieldgate_dm3_reporter, and others; it populates robust MySQL database tables built (by default) with the InnoDB engine capable of ‘on-the-fly’ row-locked backups (rather than table locked offline backups).

Supported Protcol: http, Web-based Programming Language: PHP Database Environment: MySQL Supported OS: Linux License: GPL Download link: S.E.E.R. 2



ScadaBR is SCADA system that offers logging, reporting and control functionality. It allows defining the graphic views of the monitored plant. In the views, the user can define buttons, animated images, pictures, alarms.

Supported Protocol: Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP, BACnet, OneWire, Http, Zwave License : GNU Download: scadaBR

7. Szarp SCADA:


SZARP is a full-featured, open source SCADA system for Linux. Client programs are available for Linux and Windows. Which has improved differential data transfer, reducing server workload. client/server architecture for Reporter program, using standard HTTP protocol and provides transparent access to data from multiple bases.

Supported Protocol: H TTP, modem Supported OS: Windows, Linux License: GPL Download link: Szarp SCADA