Application of Digital Valve controller

What is the digital valve controller?

The Digital Valve Controller is smart controller and attached to the valve actuator that controls and monitors the operation of the valve. The DVC can operate in protocol 4 - 20mA, HART, Fieldbus or Profibus.

Application of Digital valve controller:

Digital Valve Controllers are used in the control valve and are usually attached to the control valve itself, except those used are digital valve controllers that use a remote system. And also digital valve controllers are not only used to regulate fluid flowing using a control valve.

Now digital valve controllers can be applied to the damper of a fan. The working system is the same, only different applications on a damper and a control valve.

After we see the block diagram from Digital valve controllers. DVC gets a signal from the control room, the signal goes into the PWB for processing then the electrical signal from the PWB enters the I / P transducer for conversion to pneumatic signals. The pneumatic signal from the transducer goes into the relay to strengthen the pressure which then enters the actuator.

After there is movement in the control valve, the feedback magnet reads the position of the control valve and sends the results of the reading to the PWB to be corrected if something goes wrong. And the correction signal is sent to the actuator via the I / P transducer and then to the relay and into the actuator so that the position of the control valve opening is more precise.

Of the three applications, the digital valve controller works the same, the difference lies only in the magnet in the digital valve controller itself. The difference for magnetic sliding stem, rotary magnet, and long stroke magnetism. Digital valve controller has carried out a protocol based on HART (high way addressable remote controller).

This protocol uses a 2 wire communication system, so the command current (4-20mA) from controllers unites with the power for the DVC. The ease of the user in setting parameters in the digital valve controllers to match the specifications of the control valve available to optimize the work of the digital valve controllers.

Communication tools for setting parameters in digital valve controllers using Hart Communicator, in the communicator’s computer users can set the desired parameters, and can also calibrate directly using the Hart communicator. And also use the loop calibrator as an injector of current and voltage when the control valve and digital valve controllers are calibrated