What is Pre-Commissioning ? Pre-Commissioning Checklist

What is Pre-commissioning?

Pre-commissioning (PC) is a construction procedure that includes checking the functional operability of elements within the system in order to ensure the system is ready for commissioning start-up.

Pre-commissioning activities include checking and ensuring the installed equipment is ready to operate, Some of the activities are listed below, but not limited to:

  • Installation of Seals and Packing

  • Removal of temporary bracing

  • Rotating machinery testing for correct rotation direction and freedom of moving parts before connecting driver

  • Checking and consistency of all lubricants, filling etc. before running the equipment

  • Installing all safety devices on the equipment

  • Protecting equipment before commissioning from normal weather conditions or damage

General Pre-commissioning procedure for basic systems:

For piping system:

  • Before testing and flushing, orientation plates, control valves and any other online instruments should not be installed.

  • Piping device to the satisfaction of the client must be properly flushed and washed

  • The plans or requirements allow all piping to be tested hydrostatically and pneumatically.

  • Vents are supplied at high loop points and after testing is plugged.

Instrumentation System:

  • Functional Check of all instrument and controllers

  • Test the location of all valves according to the drawings

  • Checking all electrical signals and alarm cables for continuity, correct power source and polarity.

  • Until commissioning, test all Shutdown Systems

Electrical system:

  • Continuity checking and insulation resistance testing for circuits of power and control.

  • Earth continuity test for all circuits

  • Verification of phase sequence

  • Checking of Safety features for correctness of operation etc.

  • Checking of all PLC wired interface contacts in panel and terminal equipment chambers as necessary.

  • A thorough visual inspection of electrical equipment in hazardous areas shall be carried out to ensure the equipment is appropriate for the designated zone and gas community and properly installed, with all covers, bolts, nuts and hardware intact and no physical damage mark on the enclosure is observed.

Download Pre-Commissioning Checklist:

General checklist:

Click here: pre commissioning checklist.docx (32.1 KB)

Pre-commissioning checklist for Pumps:

Click here: PRE Commissioning checklist pump.docx (31.0 KB)

Pre-Commissioning Checklist for HVAC system:

Click here: Pre-Commissioning CHECKLIST for HVAC.docx (31.1 KB)

  • Refer drawing and ensure the field location of a valve
  • Verify the specifications of the control valve as per the manufacturer datasheet.
  • Isolation for control valves is also to be checked.
  • Check the calibration certificate provided by the manufacturer and also ensure traceability certificates of master equipment
  • The flow direction data is available on the control valve. Verify control valve flow direction.
  • Refer drawing and ensure proper installation of all tubing, fittings, solenoid valve, and other control valve accessories, is very important for the reliable functioning of the control valve. The control valve must sit in its position for open and close operation. Verify positioner operation by operating the valve for open and close. Also, verify the solenoid wiring for correct open-close operation.