QA/QC engineer basic Interview questions

What is QA/QC?


QA - Quality assurance QC - Quality control

This QA/QC is intended to determine the sequence of requirements for material quality, work, inspection and recording.

What are the basic required documents for a QA/QC personal?


ITP: To conduct the quality check

QCP: Quality Control Procedure

WP: Work Procedure

P&ID: Piping & Instrument Diagram, as a reference.

MTC: To ensure that the material complies the PES standard specs.

PP: To ensure that the tools are installed in accordance with PID & PP as appropriate

IDS/ISS: To ensure that the instrument comply with basic requirements.

RFI: Request For Inspection.

QR: Quality record

QCO: To issue a warning in case of little violation and observation

NCR: To issue a warning in case of serious violation of the standard.

Calibration report: To ensure parameters are function checked as per IDS.

Hookup: To ensure remote connections are done correctly.

Wiring diagram: To ensure the wiring is done correctly.

What is NCR?


NCR is Non-Compliance Report or Non-Conformance report. A QA/QC personal can warn the contractor if they don’t comply or violate the standard procedure.

What are the general Work Procedure (WP)?


Work Procedure steps:

  • Collect drawing & document

  • Reproduction of the drawing

  • Issue of drawing site

  • New-issuing new revision

  • Shredding of drawing

  • Redlining drawing

  • Transmittal of red lines of the client.

  • Restricted access to the DCO

  • Record

What is Redlining?


Drawing will be Redlined if some changes occur from the approved standards while the project is being constructed. Colour coding used:

Red: If addition required in the drawing

Green: If deletion is required from the drawing

Blue: If any comment is added.

What are different kinds of certifications?


  • Wheather proof

  • Dustproof

  • Water tight

  • Explosion proof

  • Flame proof

  • Intrinsic safety proof

What are the difference between Inspection, witness & Hold point?


Inspection: Work can be done without clients inspection.

Witness: It can be inspected on the completion of work without client inspection.

Hold point: Work can’t be executed further without client inspection

What is ISO?


ISO means International Standard Organisation, some of their standards are ISO 9000 QMS, ISO 14001, etc.,

What is loop check?


Loop check is an operational check of a control loop. Intended to find out the deficiencies in control loop/ field interface/ HMI.

What are standard heights to install the instruments?


A standard height to install instruments is 1 - 4 meters, it can be changed according to the site convenience.