What is Loop checking? importance of Loop checking

What is a Loop check?

Loop check is an operational check of a control loop. Intended to find out the deficiencies in control loop/ field interface/ HMI

Loop checking is the is final stage of a project commissioning. We can simply describe loop checking is a process to conform that a system works good as we planned.

How it’s done?

Loop checking is done only after the completion of cable laying and all installations. After the construction process is done we have to ensure that the system works good. so Loop checking is done.

Loop checking can be done between two instruments at different location, simply by checking the continuity of the signals. The same can be done between an instrument and Junction box.

As Loop checking process is an operational check, the procedure done in loop check may differ for different contractors and working environment. But loop checking includes entire system from sensing element to control logic system.

Basic job should be done by a field team before loop checking is to check the loop availabilty. Finding each loop and mark their location (geographical) and then check those loops seperatly.

Who are Console engineers & Field technician?

Loop checking needed console engineers to check the signal impression and field engineers/technicians to ensure the field instruments such as gauges, valves etc., are in accordance with the specification details. A console engineer just needed to watch the signals and adjust it, while an field technician should varify the working of field instrument and even needed to open it when there is a need of check.

Importance of loop checking

By now you may know why loop checking is important. Loop checking is the final stage of commissioning so after loop checking we are ensuring that the system works normaly without any trouble or malfunctions and correcting the deficiencies before commissioning.

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