Advantages of Fieldbus over HART

To communicate in a manufacturing plant in a single network, computers and instruments are required so that sensing and real-time monitoring is possible. This network link is known as the Field bus. A network bus field bus makes it possible for an organization to work smoothly.

The main advantages of fieldbus protocol over HART protocol is as follows:

  • Fully digital end-to-end loop monitoring in real time, from sensor to actuator

  • Further current for more efficient two-wire loop powered devices such as transmitters of radar standard, multi-channel temperature transmitters, and more diagnostics etc.

  • Balanced (non-grounded) signal with high amplitude for noise immunity

  • Intelligent, discrete devices such as two-wire valves on / off

  • Several cable, tray, junction boxes and related testing equipment on the same pair of wires.

  • Dramatic I / O module reduction in device footprint and weight

  • Elimination of I/O card selection simplifying engineering

  • Elimination of the choice of safety barriers simplifying design

  • Signal removal which simplifies engineering

  • Fast installation of equipment

  • No 4-20 mA range mismatch

  • Multi-channel transmitters for temperature

  • Easy addition of signals in devices

  • Easy to change model to another type of device: e.g. on / off valve for valve control or MOV

  • Centralized redesign of the hardware

  • Quick test response time

  • Indication of accuracy of PV in real time

  • Time command balanced

  • No 4-20 mA current calibration skew

  • Distortion of signal observed

  • Total sensor maximum measurement (no 4-20 mA range)

  • No 4-20 mA five point loop test

  • Advanced device diagnostics