World fortune 500 company looking for Industrial Automation student for Market intelligence part-time

I’m strategy and marketing director of a world fortune 500 company, currently looking for a university/college student specialized in Industrial Automation to work with me on APAC market analysis project.

Working hours are very flexible, and its part time. I need your help to search new market trends & news from traditional big players, as well as from local disruptive players in major targeted APAC countries. Approximate working hours should NOT be exceeding 10 hours per month, and project should be 3-6 months depends on workload.

The benefits will not only be part time salaries, but also to have an opportunity training yourself on structured market intelligence analysis with top standards. This may also open doors for potential internship/full time position in the future.

If you are excited about this unique opportunity, please reply with your brief background and email. I’ll get in touch with you for detail discussions.


[email protected] An Engineering Graduate from Instrumentation background. but still a student in automation. currently i am working as an instrument engineer for construction of oil & gas production facility at kuwait. would love to discuss about automation