Marx Circuit is an electrical configuration that consists of capacitors and spark gaps that are linked in series. Electrical pulses with high current and high voltage may be generated with its support, and they are often put to use in research & industrial settings.

What is the working principle of the Marx circuit?

The circuit generates a high voltage pulse by charging the number of capacitors in parallel and then quickly connecting them in series. This process is repeated until the capacitors are fully charged. At the starting, a DC power supply charges n capacitors (C) in parallel to a voltage VC by way of the resistors. This process is carried out by the capacitors (RC).

What are the different components that constitute the Marx circuit?

The Marx circuit includes the connection and internal inductance, capacitance, and resistance that are related with the generator components. It also includes

  • Capacitors,
  • Inter-stage switches,
  • Ground resistors,
  • Trigger resistors, and
  • Ground resistors.

What is the function of Marx Generators in Marx Circuit?

One kind of high voltage generator circuit is referred to as a Marx generator. It is used to create impulses of an even higher voltage from a high voltage DC source.

A resistor, a capacitor that can handle high voltage, and a spark gap make up the components of a circuit known as a Marx generator (electrode).

This circuit allows for the simultaneous charging of a number of capacitors, even when high voltage power is delivered to it. In the end, when the voltage used for charging reaches an unsafe level, discharge will take place between the electrodes, which will cause them to short-circuit.

Because of the short circuit, all of the capacitors are connected in series, which results in the generation of a high voltage that is equal to the sum of the charging voltages of the individual capacitors.

A Marx generator may produce a voltage that is far higher than 100 kilovolts.

Advantages of Marx circuit

A Marx generator that makes use of semiconductor switches provides several advantages, including a

  • Fast repetition rate,
  • High efficiency,
  • Compact size,
  • High level of durability,
  • Simple and straightforward control over the waveform of the output voltage,
  • Cheap cost.

Disadvantages of Marx circuit

There is a limit on the level of variation that may occur in the form of the wave.

Applications of Marx Circuit

It is anticipated that the semiconductor Marx generator will be employed for a great variety of new applications in the industrial sector.