What are the step involved in PID loop tuning project?

PID tuning - Project Execution

1.List the loops to be considered by the project 2.Prepare and start real time data collection 3.Define a testing plan that will be agreed by production 4.Implement the testing plan under operator supervision 5.Extract the data 6.Model the open loop response of the control loop 7.Path 1- The control structure is appropriate.Jump to step 9 8.Path 2-The control structure is not appropriate a-Propose a new control structure (MOC) and implementation strategy b-The client implement the new structure in the DCS c-Go back to step 2

9.optimize the tuning with respect to agreed control objectives 10.Implement the optimizing tuning in the DCS 11.Test the new tuning subject to setpoint changes and user generated disturbances 12.Document the changes 13.Assess the performance of the loop after a few weeks-Step changes and disturbances rejection