What are the different types of flow elements? Advantages and Disadvantages of various type of flow element

Different type of Flow element

1.Differential Pressure

Orifice plate Pitot Venturi

Advantages - Simple,No moving parts.

Disadvantages - Susceptible to wear in dirty services except vertically. Orifice edge sharpness affects accuracy.

2.Turbine Rotor

Advantage - No moving parts

Disadvantages - Moving parts can wear.


Bluff body

Advantages - No moving parts.

Disadvantages - Bluff body can corrode.

4.Positive Displacement

Oval gear Sliding vane Nutating disk

Disadvantages - Many moving parts subject to wear. Prefilters for dirty service.

5.Coriolis/Mass/Thermal Mass

Advantages - Very low maintenance (Coriolis) No moving parts,corrosive fluid may effect element.

6.Magnetic Field

AC Field DC Field

Advantages - Low maintenance element [

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