PLC maintenance Check list

Like all types of equipment, PLC should also be regularly maintained. Maintenance for the PLC system consists simpler steps and following it can make a large change. Maintenance of the PLC system shall be performed during regular machine or equipment maintenance. Many control systems operate processes for product changes that need to be closed for short periods.

PLC maintenance includes both software and hardware maintenance.

Download Checklist:


The list is divided into two sections - check and Complete check and maintenance. In the “check” section, you have only needed to mark under “done” after the category is checked.

For detailed inspection, you have to check the PLC in detail and maintain then mark whether the component is now satisfactory or not.

Click here for PLC maintenance check list Doc file: PLC MAINTENANCE CHECKLIST.docx (18.9 KB)

You can print this Doc and use as the checklist.


As like in the Doc, the maintenance chart has two sections “basic check” and “detailed inspection” and two different conditions which allows checking whether the components are “modified” or “Good” in condition.

Download Excel:

Click here : PLC checklist1.xlsx (734.2 KB)