ISA online certification courses for Instrumentation engineers


International Society of Automation (ISA) is a global nonprofit organization, develops standards, certifies industry professionals, provides education and training and many other services for automation professionals.

Talking about the other services ISA also provides certification courses for professionals, which is a reliable third-party assessment of a person’s skill. Specific requirements for training, expertise and evaluation provide eligibility standards for such courses.

There are basically two courses provided by ISA:

  1. Certified Automation Professional (CAP)
  2. Certified Control System Technician (CCST)

Certified Automation Professional (CAP):

CAP certified professional are consider to be proven automation engineers who earned extensive knowledge in the field of automation and control.

CAPs is responsible for directing, identifying, planning, developing / applying, installing, documenting and maintaining programs, technology and equipment used in control systems, industrial information systems, implementation of systems and operational consultancy.

The certification courses are not for free, $347 for ISA Member, $467 for Affiliate Member/Community Member/List.

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Certified Control Systems Technician:

More about the instrumentation area, the training of specialists who commissioned field instruments and learned about the process concept. CCST certificates are given to professionals who have proven they possess extensive knowledge of automation and control systems.

CCSTs calibrate, log, troubleshoot and repair equipment for systems calculating and monitoring temperatures, temperature, pressure, flow and other process variables.

A lot of manufacturers prefers CCST employees because the certificate reflects the knowledge, skill and ability need for job performance.

There are three levels of courses, Level l ($331), Level ll ($315), Level lll ($331).

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