Instructions for generator installation:

The installation of the standby generator inspects and checks the devices against the corresponding general arrangement drawing, authorized material.


Doors and Panels shall be checked to ensure proper opening and closes

Safety precautions before installing generator:

  • Ensure erection engineer / competent personnel are involved in installation activities.

  • Ensue work area shall be free from debris and obstruction free.

  • Ensure lifting equipment must be the same as required.

  • All equipment shall be certified.

  • Warning signs indication ‘shall be displayed in working area.

  • Sign indicating hazard shall be ported whenever deemed necessary.

  • Extreme caution shall be exercised in handling materials and equipments.

General Instructions for installing generator:

  • All necessary material on site shall be correctly checked, handled and stored.

  • Any discrepancies, harm etc. for corrective action shall be notified and reported.

  • Material found to be inappropriate for submission of authorized material shall be removed from the site.

  • Proper storage is given as recommended by the manufacturer

  • Extra precaution to be taken before lifting generating set

  • Placement of generator set shall be as per shown location by suitable mobile crane.

  • All piping, cabling and exhaust system shall be completed as per approved drawings and manufacturer recommendation.

  • Installation of standby generator shall be offered for inspection of client