How to Install a pressure reducing valve?

Pressure reducing valve installation setup:

Pressure reducing valve reduces the higher inlet pressure to a steady lower pressure at the downstream.

Pressure reducing valve is installed in between two isolating valves, which are manually adjustable.

Two pressure gauges are installed following to the isolating valves. To check the pressure inlet to the valve and outlet to the supply.

Emergency bypass system should be implemented, in case the Pressure reducing valve system failed.

The procedure should follow before commissioning:

  • Verify the Pressure reducing valve is fixed incorrect direction, check whether the arrow in the valve matches with the flow direction.

  • Close both the isolating valves at upstream and downstream.

  • And now fully open the Pressure reducing valve by adjusting the pilot bolt up.

  • Open the isolating valve at the upstream until the pressure exceeds above the set point. And turn the selector valve several times to release trapped air from the valve chamber.

  • Open the isolating valve at the downstream, we can see the pressure is reducing from the pressure gauge at the downstream.

  • Keep looking at the downstream pressure gauge and start adjusting the pilot bolt in the Pressure reducing valve to close the pressure regulation valve. Turn the pilot bolt until the downstream pressure meets the set point.

Now Pressure reducing valve is set-up for the operation if everything worked smoothly as above mentioned.