How to calibrate displacer level transmitter?

Displacer level transducers are used to measure the level of a tank at an isolated location to where extending wirelines are expensive. Here we are looking into the calibration of displacer level transmitter. Calibration is done using the zero and hundred percentage weights corresponding to the weight of the displacer.

We require a multimeter, weights that corresponding to the weights of the displacer and tools requires adjusting the zero and span.


  • Take a weight that weighs same as the displacer weight. Disconnect the displacer from the torque tube and connect the weight.

  • Reading of the transmitter should be the 4mA for zero level. If the reading is above or below 4mA then it should be corrected using zero adjusting screw.

  • Increase the level to maximum, the transmitter reading should be 20mA. Adjust the span adjustment to correct the transmitter.

  • Remove the weight and connect the displacer to the torque tube, do the same procedure again with the displacer weight to confirm the correctness.

  • Adjust the span and zero to correct the measurement.

Displacer Level Transmitter Calibration Calculation