7 Best electrical diagram apps for android and their features

What is electrical diagram

An electrical diagram can be explained as the pictorial form of an electrical circuit, it describes various components of a wiring schematic. In this pictorial from it has wire markings, wire size, symbols of components, grounds, power distribution. Electrical diagrams are used for electrical wiring in a building or a house, electrical diagrams show the connection from each device and how it is wired. The components in the electrical diagrams have symbols and it will help the electricians to understand the electrical diagram. Electrical diagrams are drawn as a ladder diagram, this drawing shows the wiring of electrical devices associated with the main control panel, its field devices, and sub-panels.

How do you draw an electrical wiring diagram

The electrical diagrams will be drawn between the vertical lines and the ladder, all the devices will be shown between the lines. Relays and other devices are drawn on the right side while the contacts, switches, and other controlling devices are shown between the controlled device and the left vertical line. Overloads and other circuit breaking devices could be connected to the right of the controlled device. The wiring between the electrical devices and the terminals are shown by graphical symbols. To identify the wire there will be wiring color code.

What are the best electrical drawing apps for android

1. Electrical drawing diagram calculation and symbol


This is an electrical drawing app which is developed for electricians, by using this app we can do many electrical calculations and can do many electrical drawing. Calculation such as current calculation and HP to KW calculations can be done by using this, to do the electrical drawings there are many symbols. Single-phase and three-phase current calculations can be done by using this app.

What are the special features of Electrical drawing diagram calculation and symbol app

  • It has many electrical drawing application features
  • Motor RPM can be calculated
  • By using the proper symbols electrical diagrams can be created which will be useful for electrical installation
  • It has symbols like indication lamp, induction motor, power contactor…
  • It has drawing and working features of star delta starter, direct online starter, reverse forward starter…

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2. Home electrical wiring diagram


Home electrical wiring diagram app is very useful for electricians and students to learn about the wiring features this app can be used to create the electrical wiring diagram with the complete description, pin-outs, electrical calculations and other references for home wiring. The content in this electrical wiring app is very reliable and accurate. All of the illustration in this app shows the typical wiring diagram methods, and actual installation on the house wiring plan and this app are suitable for individual requirements.

What are the special features of home electrical wiring diagram app

  • It has measurements for outlets and switches
  • It has color coding of wires and screw terminals
  • It has all details about the 4 and 3-way switches
  • Many electrical symbols are present which can be used for electrical diagram
  • It can find the cause of short circuit

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3. Electrical wiring diagram


This application will be useful for electricians and students, by using this app we can create electrical drawings, this app will be useful to learn basics about electricity. This app contains all details about electrical wiring, cable color code, and Ethernet wiring. This app has many details about electrical installations, cable color code, it has all the details about 2 way 3 way and 4-way switches. It has color codes in many countries. This app will be capable to do the multiple GFCI wiring.

What are the special features of electrical wiring diagram app

  • It has circuit diagrams and symbols
  • Cable color code chart for different countries are available like USA, UK, Canada, Australia
  • It has Ethernet wiring diagram and wire color coding
  • It has Ethernet cable color code and standard cable color code chart
  • It has crossover cable color code wire diagram and straight cable color code circuit diagram

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4. Electric motor wiring diagram


This app will be useful for the visual representation of the physical connections and physical layout of an electrical circuit or system. It can show how electrical wires are interconnected and can also show where fixtures and components are interconnected to the system. This app can be useful while building or manufacturing the circuit or electronic device. It can also be used to making repairs, this app will be useful to confirm the physical location of electrical outlets and light fixtures and this will be helpful to avoid cable costly mistakes.

Download link : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.electrical.motor.wiring.diagram&hl=en

5. Electric circuit studio


This app has a lot of tools that can be used to build an electronic circuit, spice simulation, and circuit calculation. It has certain resources such as connector pin-outs and interactive books that have electrical theorem, laws, and circuits. It is a very useful app for students. This app has tools like a schematic editor and circuit simulator which can be used to create the circuit and analysis of the circuit can be done by this tool, magnitude and polarity of voltage and current will be displayed by visual indicators.

What are the special features of electric circuit studio

  • It can do DC, AC, and transient analysis
  • It can do SPICE analysis of the created circuit by using the schematic editor and spice simulator
  • It can do electrical calculations
  • It has resources such as resistor color code, wire size and wire insulation color, electrical symbols and lot more.

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6. Electrical diagrams


This app can be very useful to create electrical diagrams of the residential, commercial and industrial levels. It will be able to create electrical diagrams quickly and easily by this app and it provides the basic information of how an electrical system should be connected and the developer will upgrade this app according to the user suggestion. It will also provide information about the most common control diagrams used in an industrial installation.

Download link : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.oreyes4161.electricaldiagrams&hl=en

7. Every circuit


In this circuit, we can build any circuit and after creating the circuit if we tap the play button then we can watch the dynamic voltage current and charge animations and this will give us the details about the circuit operation. While the running of simulation we can adjust the circuit parameters with the analog knob and the circuit will react to this action very quickly and this is an important feature of this app. This app can be used to design any analog or digital circuit.

What are the special features of every circuit

• Circuit parameters can be adjusted while running the simulation

• It has automatic wire routing feature

• Intuitive user interface

• It does the animation of voltage waveforms and current flows

• Seamless DC and transient simulation

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