5 benefits of HART, Why HART is used in industrial networking


What is HART protocol?

HART (Highway Addressable Remote Transducer) Protocol is the worldwide standard for transmitting and receiving digital data across analog cables between smart devices and the surveillance or control system.

HART is a bi-directional communication protocol that provides data access between intelligent field instruments and host systems

Why HART is used?

HART technology is easy to use and very reliable when used for commissioning and calibration of smart devices as well as for continuous online diagnostics.

HART Communication knows that when using HART-enabled handheld tests, calibration devices and portable computers, they can gain rapid, easy visibility to devices in the field.

There are several reasons to have a host communicate with smart devices. These include:

  • Device Configuration or re-configuration

  • Device Diagnostics

  • Device Troubleshooting

  • Reading the additional measurement values provided by the device

  • Device Health and Status

5 benefits of using HART transmitter:

1.HART helps you in assist:

  • Use the capacities of a complete set of smart device information to improve operation.

  • Early warnings of device, product or process efficiency variations

  • Speed the time for troubleshooting between identifying issues and solving them.

  • Validate loop integrity and control / automation system strategies on an ongoing basis.

2.Increase Plant Availability:

  • Integrate devices and systems to detect problems that were previously undetected

  • Real detectionof connection problems in device and/or process .

  • Avoid the high cost of unscheduled shutdowns or process disruptions.

3.Reduce Maintenance Costs:

  • Quickly verify and validate control loop and device configuration.

  • Use remote diagnostics to reduce unnecessary field checks.

  • Reduce cost of inventory and equipment management

4.Improve regulatory compliance:

  • Enable automated compliance information recording.

  • Facilitates testing for automatic safety shutdown.

  • With sophisticated diagnostics, increase the amount of SIL / safety integrity.

  • Use smart multivariable equipment to report more thoroughly and accurately.

5.Seamless integration:

  • As HART technology is based on conventional wiring, existing plants can be continuously expanded.

  • The HART protocol is completely consistent with analog norms and digital techniques of communication.