11 things to look while choosing oxygen analyzer for oxygen concentrator -

11 Things To Check In Any Oxygen Analyzer For Oxygen Concentrator:

  1. Does this oxygen analyzer measure the 4 parameters – Oxygen purity, flow, pressure, & temperature?
  2. Does this oxygen analyzer have a long-life sensor so that you do not have to change it frequently?
  3. Which sensor does it have – Electrochemical or Electronic sensor, because the electronic sensor has a long life compared to electrochemical?
  4. What is the sensor location – Outside the main unit or inside, because if the sensor is inside we do not need to take extra care?
  5. Can we set alarms for each parameter separately?
  6. Does this o2 analyzer show any battery indication – if the battery is low or needs to replace?
  7. Does this analyzer have a rechargeable battery?
  8. Does this analyzer show or store any graphical representation of all these parameters?
  9. Is it cost-effective, because if it measures only 1 or 2 parameters, then it might cost relatively higher to measure all the 4 parameters (we need to buy 4 different devices)?
  10. How many years of warranty come with this analyzer?
  11. Is the manufacturer of oxygen analyzer from a medical background?

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