Working & Automated calibration of Gas analyzer

What is automated calibration? and Why is it needed?

Automated calibration is what the calibration is done automatically in an industry without the assistance of a human. It is a difficult task to calibrate an instrument in a large manufacturing industry. And also exploit labour time too.

The manual calibration method may have significant human errors. A practical method to minimize the human error is automated or semi-automated calibration system.

##Fully automated Gas analyzer calibration:

  • The arrangement consists of a set valves which controls the flow of gas into the analyzer.

  • All the valves are controlled by the processor

  • For fixed time interval, gas of known composition is passed through the gas analyzer.

  • The reading generated by the gas analyzer is noted and checked for error as the gas passed through the analyzer is of known composition.

  • There are zero and Span adjusting gases are stored to calibrate the system.

  • If the gas analyzed shows less in concentration, then the valve associated with span cylinder is allowed to open. When the concentration of the gas is higher than the expected the Zero cylinder is opened.

  • And thus the instrument is calibrated.

  • The only time a human technician need attend to the analyzer is when parameters not monitored by the auto-calibration system must be checked, and when the auto-calibration system detects an error too large to self-correct (thus indicating a fault).