Why use signal converter pt100

Why use the pt100 signal converter ? What is Pt100 ? This will be answered in this article.

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What is Pt100?

Pt100 is a type of temperature sensor or temperature probe used to measure temperature in industrial areas, boilers, boilers, chimneys …

There are usually temperature sensors pt100, pt500, pt1000, Ni500 … or thermal sensors K, S, R, B …

As temperatures range from -100 to 850 oC we should use pt100

When the temperature varies from 850oC to 1200oC then Thermocouple k

And bigger 1200oC there will thermocouple S, R, B … and Depending on the temperature range in the area, we choose the type of sensor to be reasonable.

Why use signal converter pt100 ?

Signal is degraded when transmitted to the PLC - Inverter:

You can use the temperature display or PLC programming device directly to read the temperature from the sensor; but when transmitting the direct temperature signal; Note that we will see read heat is certainly deviated from the actual temperature. The reason is:

The pt100 temperature sensor operates on the change of resistance; ie when the ambient temperature is 0oC, the equivalent sensor resistance is 100 ohm.

When the pt100 thermostat is directly connected to the PLC, it must be connected to the power supply for it to operate; make long wire . In fact, The longer the wire, the weaker the signal, That is the first answer to the question Why use signal converter pt100 ?

Reason 2:

4-20mA analog current signal is an international standard signal that PLC programming devices or temperature display readers are readable.

Especially the 4-20mA signal; Can travel far and stable than 0-10V resistor.

At present industrial products are increasingly modern, So only the PLC or the new display reads well signal readings 4-20mA . Which only has signal converter pt100 ; can signal converter sensor into 4-20mA current.

Advantages of signal converter pt100 :

The pt100 signal converter has two types: the round type is usually attached to the temperature probe and a type is usually mounted on the cabinet

Compact design does not take up much space.

Accuracy 0.1%

Fast conversion time

So better to use signal converter pt100

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