Which SCADA system is used in electrical substations for local and remote control

What kind of SCADA system can be used for the local and remote control of the electrical substations

It all depends on so many factors like

What type of plc

What make of plc

Which plc Scada software runs best on that system

There are so many different packages used, we use CitectSCADA, ClearScada, some use the built-in HMI with SEL RTAC, looking at GE G500 as a total solution. Schneider also has a dedicated solution.

There is a SCADA System that is widely used in Industries like Powerplant/Substation, Gas or LPG Pipeline, and for many other applications and this SCADA system is called

FAST TOOL/Stardom. The advantage is that it can communicate with the Industrial Safety system if require seamlessly (Like ProSafe-RS). Even it can work in a Redundant/Virtualize environment also. Very simple and easy to learn.

This is a type of SCADA system which is used in much industrial application but we must select a SCADA system according to PLC type and make and also must consider which PLC SCADA software runs best on the system