Which one is a better PCB design software Proteus, Multisim, or Eagle

What is PCB

PCB is a printed circuit board and with the help of this PCB electronic devices can be built. PCB is a place to mount the components and the it provides a way for the electrical connection between the components in order to make a PCB it must be designed so by designing and simulating it we could know that if the PCB would be functional or not if not, then improvements can be made so in order to design it, PCB design software is needed and by the help of this software we could make improvements in PCB and would be able to get a better PCB.


Proteus is a software which can be used to design a PCB and it can also be used for circuit simulation. The tools in this software are really easy to use and it is very helpful for educational and professional PCB designing

PCB design using proteus

  • From main page proteus click on ‘P’ to pick a device from the library
  • Pick the device and insert the component which has to be selected and click on OK
  • Place all the components on the screen
  • To change the values right-click and select edit properties
  • Add voltage probe at input and output
  • Select the graph mode and select analog analysis graph window
  • Right-click and select add traces
  • Right-click and activate simulation graph

To draw schematics ISIS is used its architecture has helped us to integrate first conventional graph-based simulation and in proteus too. For PCB designing ARES is used and with the help of it we could see the output in 3D

Website: https://proteus.soft112.com/

Multisim Blue

Multisim blue is very useful for PCB design and circuit schematic can be wired up one of the important features of a multi sim is it has a mouser database which is provided by mouser electronics and by this the user would be able to use up to date components from leading component manufacturers

Multisim can be used for analog and digital circuit and it can do mixed analog/digital simulation

PCB design

The first step in PCB design is to create an appropriate schematic drawing of the circuit. So while connecting the components the connection should be correct after connecting the components grounding must be done and to do the ground connection.

Select the PCB properties from the menu

Option- sheet properties-PCB

Website : https://multisim.en.softonic.com/


In this PCB design is a two-step process first the schematics need to design a properly designed schematic is needed for an overall PCB design process and by this, the errors could be detected before the fabrication of the board

Eagle can be used to create large boards with more layers

Design steps

  • Start design in eagle
  • Create a circuit schematic
  • Searching and connecting the components
  • Component name and value change
  • Arrange the board layout and root traces between parts
  • Run a design rule check to avoid the manufacturing errors

Schematic design is two-step process first all the parts must be added to the schematic sheet then those parts need to be wired together

Website: Download EAGLE | Free Download | Autodesk