Which flow meter can reliably measure water flow despite the presence of pelleted material in the water?

What type of flow meter would measure water flow regardless of pelleted material flowing through the water? image

Which type of flow meter would accurately measure water flow in a 3" diameter pipeline, despite the presence of 2-mm pelleted material flowing alongside the water? The flow rate of the water is 37 cubic meters per hour, and I require instantaneous flow readings for early detection of line clogs.

For measuring water flow that contains pelleted material, I recommend using a Magnetic Flow Meter (Magmeter). This type of flow meter is highly reliable and accurate in handling particulate-laden flows due to its non-intrusive design and lack of moving parts, which minimizes the risk of clogging and wear. Magmeters are ideal as they measure the flow rate based on the voltage generated by the conductive liquid moving through a magnetic field, unaffected by the presence of pelleted materials.

Alternatively, an Ultrasonic Flow Meter (Doppler type) is a viable option if a non-invasive solution is preferred. Doppler ultrasonic meters are well-suited for measuring flow in fluids with suspended solids or bubbles. They use sound waves to determine the flow rate by detecting the frequency shift caused by the moving particles in the fluid.

Ensure proper installation and regular maintenance of the chosen flow meter to maintain optimal performance and accuracy. Proper grounding, isolation techniques, and avoiding air bubbles or extremely high concentrations of solids will help in achieving the best results.