What would happen if there is a power failure during the operation of MOV

What is the Required voltage for the MOV, and what happens to MOV during power failure while it’s operating?

MOV is operated at 440 V Ac feedback supply 110, 24v dc or Ac power

During power failure condition it turns to stop position and can be manually operated with a hand wheel.

When the primary power source to an electrical motor operated actuator is interrupted, the actuator motor stops where it is, unless there is battery back-up or a secondary power source.

The fail-safe setting for electric MOV’s that drives the motor to a fail-safe position is used when the position setpoint input signal is lost or fails. If the motor still has power when the input signal failes, then the actuator’s fail-safe system drives the motor to whatever fail-safe position is configured, which could fail-in-place or fail at a specified position.