What may cause the neutral and the earth voltage on consumer supply connection to increase to high volts but not on the electrical grid line? How can this problem be resolved?

It is indication that there is a problem with the electrical grounding (grounded) system (or) a fault in the consumer’s electrical installation if the neutral & earth voltage increases to high voltage on the consumer end connection but not on the grid powerline.

Here are some possible causes and solution:

1). Grounding problem

PROBLEM: Voltage imbalances can be caused by poor or insufficient grounding.

SOLUTION: Verify the grounding (earthing) connection at the customer’s location to make sure it is installed and connected correctly. Check to see if the grounding electrode (earth plate) is firmly connected to the planet.

2). Neutral-to-ground fault

PROBLEM: The voltage on the neutral & ground conductors may rise as a result of a fault between the neutral & ground wires.

SOLUTION: Check the electrical system of the customer for any wiring errors, loose connections, or frayed wires. To find any unusual connections, check the neutral & ground wires for continuity.

3). Unbalanced shared neutral load

PROBLEM: Voltage alterations on the neutral could result from an imbalance in loads across the circuits if the consumer’s electrical installation has shared neutral circuits.

SOLUTION: Make that the loads attached to the common neutral circuits are evenly distributed.

4). Transformer problem

PROBLEM: Even though the voltage increase does not happen on the grid’s powerline, it is still important to take a defective transformer into consideration.

SOLUTION: To report the problem and require for a complete equipment testing, get in communication with the electricity provider.

5). Harmonics

PROBLEM: The voltage waveform can be distorted by harmonic currents, which are brought on by non-linear loads like electronic devices or variable frequency drives. This can result in increases in the neutral voltage.

SOLUTION: To reduce harmonic interference’s negative effects on the electrical system, use harmonic filters (or) isolate sensitive equipment.


Electrical problems can be hazardous and if not familiar with operating electrical systems, it’s best to contact a skilled electrician or ask the electricity provider for help. They will be able to identify the specific issue and provide the most effective approaches to rectify the problem.