What is Two-Phase Motor?

What is Two-Phase Motor?

A kind of electric motor known as a two-phase motor is one that has two stator windings that are separated by 90 degrees from one another.

Each winding is powered by a different phase of the alternating current (AC) power source.

This configuration results in the production of a revolving magnetic field, which in turn causes the rotor to revolve, resulting in the generation of mechanical power by the motor.

The two-phase induction motor is an example of an electric motor; however, it is a fairly uncommon form.

They were formerly identified in industrial solutions, even though that their presence there was really uncommon.

In the present day, they are nearly never utilised and are instead considered to be interesting historical artefacts.

Construction of Two-Phase Motor

The construction of two-phase motors is similar to that of single-phase motors, and the underlying operational principles are also comparable.

A system that has two voltages that are 90 ° apart from one another. This kind of motor is no longer used in modern times.

The alternator is made up of two windings, each of which is positioned at an angle of 90 ° to the other.

They require for two live wires, in addition to one ground wire, and operate in two phases.

One of them brings the current up to 240 volts so that it can be used for motion, & the other one keeps the current flowing smoothly so that it may be used for the motor.

Function of Two-Phase Motor

The primary distinction lies in the fact that in single-phase motors, the function of the starting winding is carried out by a winding that is symmetrical to the main one but has been rotated via an angle of ninety degrees.

Using a capacitor with the appropriate capacitance value is important, just as it is when working with single-phase motors, in order to get a phase shift that is near to 90 degrees. In addition, a two-phase system is needed, which is not a feasible option given that the majority of loads are serviced by either single-phase or three-phase supply.

Because of this limitation, two-phase motors did not see widespread use. Single- and three-phase motors, which are far more functional and adaptable, have almost entirely supplanted these types of motors at this point in time.

Application of Two-Phase Motor

In many different types of industrial applications, such as machine tools, printing presses, and conveyor systems, two-phase motors are a typical choice for propulsion.

In addition to that, may find them in equipment for the home like as air conditioners and washing machines.

However, due to the widespread use of three-phase electricity in contemporary electric motors, two-phase motors are far less popular now .

Because of their increased efficiency and smoother operation, three-phase motors are becoming more popular in a variety of industrial applications.