What is thermowell?

Thermowell protects the temperature sensors( RTD or Thermocouple) from any contamination or corrosion caused by the gases or liquids being measured.

Why to use thermowell ?

1.Protect Temperature sensor from a)Excessive pressure b)Excessive material velocities and viscosity c)Corrosion and erosion

2.Simplify maintenance a)Sensor replacement without draining the system. b)Protection increases potential life of the sensor. c)Eliminate potential for contamination.

How to choose the correct thermowell suitable for your application?

1.Type of construction- Fabricated/barstock 2.Process connection (Socket weld thermowell,Threaded Thermowell,Flanged Thermowell)

3.Best stem profile for the application (Stepped,Tapered,Straight) 4.Best material of construction,suitable for the application.

Thermowells of stainless steel,plain carbon steel or Inconel provide long term protection in various corrosive environment and for exposure to temperature up to 1100 deg C.Ceramic well are used for temperature above 1100 deg C.