What is the use of uplink ports in netwwork switches and give a configuration example

Uplink Ports: In the switch configuration, there are ports which cannot be used when connecting to other switch.This connection is possible only through few ports.So when connecting two switches you should use a crossover cable only o ports where: “spanning-tree portfast” is NOT configured. Broadcast or Multicast policy is enabled "Storm-control"configuration are enabled The “show startup -config"command shows configuration of each port.Following is an examble of port config. Ïnterface FastEthernet0/* description crossover cable no ip address duplex full switchport mode access storm-control action trap srr-que bandwidth share 1 2 3 4 prority queue out servive policy input cda_policy speed 100 storm-control broadcast level bps 20M 18M storm-control Multicast level bps 20M 18M”