What is the difference between inverter and a UPS

Explain the difference between inverter and UPS

The inverter is the name given to a circuit that converts DC power into AC power.

UPS is a source of supply (battery) with an Inverter and auto-transfer circuits that ensures continuity of Electrical power flow to a load when the primary source of supply is lost or unacceptable.

The above explanation implies that rectifier circuit, Inverter circuit, and auto-transfer circuit are parts of every UPS.

The inverter is applicable in a nonsensitive load and where a long backup is needed.

UPS is applicable in very sensitive loads like servers where the transfer time is 0. That’s true online/ double conversation. The inverter converts Dc current to Ac current while Ups is used to store current for a limited time frame. UPS= Uninterrupted Power Supply. This device is meant to supply power without any interruption of power to the appliances. UPS is a combination of converter as well as the inverter and nickel-cadmium batteries. But on a small scale meant for computers, printers, servers, etc. Inverter converters are on a big scale with lead-acid batteries for lighting, fans, domestic uses. Etc. it does not mean that it cannot be used for commercial or industrial purposes