What is Temperature transmitter? Advantages and Disadvantages of RTD?

Temperature Transmitter

There are two ways to get the reading from the temperature device to its final destination

1.Attach the end unit directly to the low -level signal (Ohm or mv) which may or may not require the use of sensor extension wires (thicker,fragile and expensive) depending upon the distance from the sensor to the meter.

2.Install a temperature transmitter to take the low level signal and convert it into something that can be transmitted long distance

A temperature transmitter reads the thermocouple or RTD inputs and outputs a high-level analog or digital signal (such as 4-20 ma current loop or Modbus serial communications

Advantages of using Temperature transmitter

1.Can include local indication and control 2.Much greater noise resistance especially over long distances. 3.Isolate Amplify Filter noise linearize and convert the input signal from the sensor. 4.Output signal works with many standard devices. 5.Does not require expensive extension wire

Disadvantages of Temperature transmitter

Adds addition cost to the temperature measurement system