What is Temperature Rise Test in Distribution Transformer? For What purpose to conduct this Test?

What is Temperature Rise Test?

The temperature rise test is performed on a distribution transformer to determine the maximum temperature rise that occurs in the transformer during normal operation.

What Purpose to conduct this Test?

This test is important as it helps to ensure that the transformer is able to withstand the expected load without overheating or causing any damage.

During the temperature rise test, the transformer is loaded with a specified current and voltage, and then allowed to run for a certain period of time.

The temperature of the transformer is then measured at various points, such as the windings and oil, to determine the maximum temperature rise.

The purpose of conducting this test is to ensure that the transformer can operate safely and effectively under normal operating conditions without exceeding the maximum temperature rise limits.

If the transformer fails the temperature rise test, it may need to be modified or repaired to prevent potential damage or failure.