What is pigtail syphon? What is a pigtail syphon used for?

Pressure gauges are essential in monitoring and managing processes in industrial environments. When dealing with high-temperature fluids such as steam or superheated vapour, however, the sensitive components of pressure gauges can be affected. This is where a pigtail syphon comes in, acting as a protection nett to ensure the accuracy and lifespan of these essential instruments.

Pigtail Syphon Anatomy

A pigtail syphon is a piece of tubing that has been bent and is typically made out of stainless steel. It is formed in a circular or coiled shape. It has straight ends with male threads for attaching a pressure gauge and a gauge cock, which serves as a ball valve.

Hot Pressure Media Protection for Pressure Gauges

Direct contact with heated pressure media can result in inaccurate pressure measurements, damage to gauge internals, and possibly gauge failure. By trapping a little amount of liquid inside its coiled shape, the pigtail syphon produces a thermal barrier. The heat generated by the subjected to temperature medium is absorbed and dissipated by this liquid, preventing it from directly reaching the pressure gauge.

Pigtail Syphons with Various Mounting Orientations

Coil/Pigtail vs. U-Type Syphons:

Pigtail syphons come in a variety of styles to allow different installation orientations. Vertical pipe mounting is best suited for U-type syphons, whereas horizontal pipe mounting is best suited for coil or pigtail syphons. Choosing between these types is determined by the pipe system’s specific orientation.

The Role of Gauge Cock in Isolating Pressure Gauges

Ensuring Seamless Maintenance:

A gauge cock, or ball valve, is often connected between the pressure gauge and the pigtail syphon. This valve serves as an isolation device, allowing for the removal or replacement of the pressure gauge without interrupting the process or depressurizing the system. It provides a convenient means to temporarily shut off the pressure medium during maintenance or gauge replacement.

Conclusion: Enhancing Reliability in Demanding Environments

In summary, a pigtail syphon is a critical component in industrial applications where pressure gauges are exposed to high-temperature fluids. Its role in protecting pressure gauges ensures accurate readings and prolonged instrument life. By incorporating a pigtail syphon into a system, operators can enhance the reliability and performance of pressure gauges in demanding environments.