What is IP rating ? Why to use IP rating?

IP rating -

When designing a system we need to make certain the product selected is reliable with a long life.Part of that process is determining if the product is appropriate for the application environment. But what are some of the requirements ? Water proof,Dust-tight.This descriptions need to be quantified. This is what IP ratings provide.

IP - Ingress protection International standard, Easily defined, Put measurable,testable numbers behind ratings.

What do the number mean ?

Refer the image for more details about IP rating.

First number is protection against solids.

Second number is protection against liquids.

How to compare IP rating to NEMA rating ?

There is no direct equivalence of IP rating to NEMA rating. However the following table shows the relation of IP to NEMA ratings.NEMA codes also addresses corrosion resistance.

IP rating and NEMA rating relation