What is Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT)?

What is the Internet Of Things (IoT)?

IoT is an extension of network connectivity and computing capability, IoT is an expansion of network communication and computing capabilities, IoT would be infrastructure group, interconnecting linked objects and enabling their handling. Where connected objects are sensors and/or actuators capable of communicating with other machinery. What is the Industrial Internet of Things(IIoT)?

The IIoT is designed for smart connection of large manufacturing enterprises. The IIoT is made up of a multitude of devices connected by communications software. The devices from the resulting can monitor, collect, exchange, analyse, and instantly act on information to intelligently change their behaviour or their environment all without human intervention. What’s the difference between the Internet of Things(IOT) and the Industrial Internet of Things(IIoT)?

The IoT is a customer satisfying are devices that can range from smartwatches to smart home speakers (and light bulbs and door locks and other smart home devices). IIoT is a large scale establishment that governs the process of a manufacturing system using the sensors and automation to make processes more efficient, same as the IoT which uses the sensors to make the life easier.

IIoT model:

There are a number of models offered for IoT. But most relatable to the industrial model is shown below:

This Model for Control Hierarchy is a well-recognized model that divides systems and machinery into hierarchical tasks in the manufacturing industry. This model was used by global standards organizations to define an IACS security zone and conduit model and is also used in a multitude of instructional materials for security and safety.

This system utilizes the zone idea to subdivide Enterprise and ICS networks into similarly functioning components.

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@sivaranjith thanks much for sharing. With the recent cybersecurity issues, do you think it is safe for an industry to adopt internet of things?