What is flow rate ? What are the types of flow rate?

What is flow rate?

Flow rate is an indication of how fast a substance move through a conduit from one place to another.

Flow rate can also be used to determine the distance a substance moves over a period of time.

Flow rate is usually expressed as Volume Flow rate and Mass Flow rate.

Volume Flow Rate

Volume flow rate represents the volume of fluid that passes a measurement point over a period of time.

The volume rate can be calculated if the average flow velocity and inside pipe diameter is known.

The calculation is based on the formula

Q= A x v

where Q = volumetric flow rate

A = Cross sectional area of the pipe

v = average flow velocity

Mass Flow Rate

Mass flow rate represents the amount of mass that passes a specific point over a period of time.

Mass flow rates are used to measure the weight or mass of a substance flowing through a process operation.If the volumetric flow rate and density are known the calculation is based on the formula

W = Q x r

Where W = mass flow rate Q = Volumetric flow rate r = density