What is Field Device Manager and what is its purpose?

What is Field Device Manager and what is its purpose?


Designed to handle all the equipment and tools used in industrial environments, Field Device Manager (FDM) functions as a digital assistant. Consider yourself running a facility equipped with several sensors, transmitters, and controls. FDM lets you effectively track and maintain all these devices. This is what it does and the reasons behind its applicability:

What Field Device Manager Does:

Setting Up Devices:

  • FDM helps you configure and set up your devices to make sure they’re working exactly how you need them to. It’s like customizing your phone settings but for industrial equipment.


  • Just like how you might need to calibrate a scale to make sure it reads correctly, FDM helps with the calibration of your industrial devices. This ensures they’re giving accurate readings and performing well.

Monitoring and Diagnostics:

  • FDM continuously checks how your devices are doing. If something seems off or if a device is malfunctioning, it alerts you. Think of it as a health checkup for your equipment.

Managing Data:

  • All the information about your devices, such as settings, calibration records, and maintenance logs, is stored in one place. This makes it easy to find what you need when you need it.

Integration with Other Systems:

  • FDM can connect with other systems you might be using, like your control system or asset management software. This integration ensures everything works together smoothly.

Why Field Device Manager is Useful:

Saves Time:

  • By automating tasks like setting up and calibrating devices, FDM frees up your time to focus on other important things.

Ensures Accuracy:

  • Regular calibration and real-time monitoring mean your devices are always accurate, leading to more reliable operations.

Prevents Problems:

  • With its diagnostic features, FDM can spot potential issues early, allowing you to fix them before they cause bigger problems.

Keeps You Compliant:

  • FDM helps you maintain records and follow industry standards, making sure you stay compliant with regulations.

Centralized Control:

  • Having all device information in one place makes management easier and gives you a clear overview of how everything is performing.

For companies in fields including oil and gas, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, and more, Field Device Manager is basically a vital instrument. It guarantees that every field equipment you have is running as it should, therefore lowering downtime and raising productivity.