What is erection in power plant? Difference between erection and Commissioning

What is erection in Power Plant?

Erection is the process of collecting all components and equipments needed for the construction of the plant as per the engineering design recommends.

The erection includes the process from paving ways, constructing main structure, setting equipment and machinery and align it properly.

The entire process of erection, testing and commissioning may be divided into three main categories:

  • Pre-erection activities to be completed before starting of erection of the plant.
  • Erection of built-in parts of the plant.
  • Erection of main operating components of the hydro set.

Pre erection activities:

  • Preparation of a plan for the implementation of erection work and sequence of various activities

  • Site storage planning consisting of open, locked, semi-closed storage and road construction, connection for plant distribution to assembly field.

  • Erection of temporary structures, living quarters needed to work smoothly and quickly on the site.

  • Building power, water, compressed air system for erection operations. DG sets of sufficient capacity to be retained when power failure occurs.

  • Arrangement of lighting of erection site and nearby area.

  • Ensure the timely supply of equipment and materials needed for continuation of erection work in conjunction with charts and schedules.

  • Providing installation plans for hoisting, carrying systems, instruments and equipment as well as coordinating the transfer of material to the site. The content will be removed and transferred to a pre-identified position in the unloading port.

  • Arrangement of protective measures to protect workers and machinery during the storage, transport and deployment of various plant components.

Erection of Main Operating Components:

  • In the first point, a well-coordinated overall plan is planned for the development of civil works and activities related to the building of hydro-mechanical and hydro-generating systems.

  • A PERT / CPM shall be established to track current operations and sensitive activities in order to prevent any interruption in the plan.

  • The number of building works to be finished by months in keeping with the project’s total planned construction timetable.

  • Big activity wise PERTs are established displaying sequence and length of activities matching delivery schedule and civil building activities to track erection works in-charge. This should provide timeline and length as per the total timetable of all essential and concurrent tasks to complete the erection work.

What is the difference between Erection and commissioning?

Erection is the process of installation of physical structure and instrument for the process plant, Commissioning is carried out followed by the erection.

Erection is planning and testing the site’s physical side for the latest piece of kit. Installation is the package preparing for service, oil filling, attachment of air ducts, intercabling, etc.

Commissioning is the final act before putting the new piece of kit into use, it often involves testing the kit as an individual piece and checking that its fully integrated into its final system. This ensures that a modern generator has practical security and vibration modifications that interact with the current switch board.