What is Electrical Panel Type Testing?

The electrical distribution panel is subjected to a set of standard tests that simulate different operating conditions & fault conditions during type testing. Independent testing laboratories (or) certifying agencies often conduct the tests.

Type Tested Panels

A Type-Tested Electrical Panel is a type of electrical panel that has been thoroughly tested and certified in accordance with internationally accepted standards. These tests are carried out to ensure the panel’s performance, safety, and conformity with particular design criteria and operational conditions.

The primary objective of type testing is to make sure that the panel accomplishes or exceeds the performance and safety specifications.

The following tests may be performed on a type-tested electrical panel:

Short-Circuit Resist Test

This test determines the panel’s ability to endure high short-circuit currents avoiding damage or harming personnel.

Temperature Rise Test

The above test monitors the temperature increase of various panel components under full-load conditions to make sure that they perform within acceptable limits.

Dielectric Voltage Withstand Test

It is also referred to as the high voltage test, this test determines the insulation integrity of the panel by applying it to a voltage greater than its rated voltage to ensure that it can tolerate the prescribed voltage without breakdown (or) insulation failure.

Mechanical Operation Test

This test evaluates the durability and dependability of the panel’s mechanical components, such as circuit breakers, switches, and busbars, by applying them to repeated operations that mimic normal usage.

Degree Of Protection Test

This test assesses the enclosure’s ability to guard against the intrusion of solid particles (dust, debris) and liquids (water, moisture) based on prescribed IP (intrusion Protection) ratings.

Internal Arcing Fault Test

This test evaluates the panel’s ability to contain and reduce the effects of the internal arcing faults, assuring that they do not propagate and create significant damage or hazards.

After passing these tests and meeting the appropriate standards, a type test certificate or label confirming conformity is issued. This certification ensures that the panel has been verified independently and that it meets the necessary performance & safety standards.

Electrical panels that have been type-tested are routinely used in industrial facilities, critical infrastructure, hospitals, data centers, and various other installations where dependability, safety, and standard compliance are essential. These panels provide a high level of assurance and are recommended for applications with stringent regulatory requirements (or) project specifications.