What is eddy current sensor technology and its applications?

What is an eddy current sensor technology and its applications?

How is eddy current formed?

The eddy current sensors are used to measure displacement to a nanometer. The eddy current technology uses non-contact displacement sensors to measure positional changes in a conductive target with high precision and high resolution.

These sensors generate electromagnetic fields by running in an alternating current through the sensing coil of a probe. The result is an alternating electromagnetic field induces s small current in the conductive target material called eddy currents.

As the distance between the sensor and the target changes so too changes the interaction between the probe an eddy current magnetic field. Asproceedsceed this change, the sensors produces a voltage output proportional to the distance betweeen the sensor and target very p[recisely and with high resolution.

Applications are:-

• displacement

• vibration

• dimensioning

• alignment

• sorting in the military, aerospace

• semiconductor and energy industries.