What is dry leg and wet leg in differential pressure transmitter

What are the major applications of a differential pressure transmitter and how are they connected

Differential pressure transmitter

Used in three applications

Attribute measurement, flow, filters validity

It can be used three purposes

1- level measurements

2-flow measurements (r.m.s)

3- Filters clogged check

As indicated on the transmitter screen there is a unit (millimeter mm) so this shows that it is used to read the ratio

it Can be used to read an open tank level and don’t need to connect the Low side of the transmitter to the tank and be left, but the High side connects down the tank

And in case the tank is closed there are two cases

Dry leg (with no steam)

Fluids that won’t cause damage to the transmitter

The low side of the transmitter connects to the top of the tank

And the side is high down the tank

In case of steam (causing damage to the transmitter)

So be the delivery

Wet leg

This is in the case of steam so it needs to be condensed or steamed up the line of water and connect to the side Low

The other side of the High is delivered at the bottom of the tank

Apparently, one of the sides of the transmitter is open to the air

So it turns out this transmitter is used to measure tank level open

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