What is CV of a control valve ? Free excel tool to calculate Control valve CV

What is a CV?

CV is a flow coefficient which is really specking to the capacity of a valve.

If a valve has a CV of 20 that means we can pass 20 gallons of water per minute with one pound pressure drop.

CV is a measure of resistant to flow created by the valve.

we have sizing tables and formulas available for the calculation of CV.It is not a linear equation.

Valves with higher CV has less resistance to pressure

Free tools for Control Valve CV calculation.

Control Valve Sizing - Steam or Vapor Rev 2.xlsx (434.2 KB)

Control Valve Sizing - Liquid Rev 2a.xlsx (510.3 KB)

Control Valve Sizing - Gas Rev 2a.xlsx (476.7 KB)

More information and manuals can be downloaded from the following link

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