What is control system security ? (Industrial automation - Cyber security)

Control System Security

Prevention of intentional or unintentional interference with the proper operation of industrial automation and control system through the use of computers,networks,operating systems,applications and other programmable configurable components of the system.

Some examples- SCADA security Industrial automation and control system security Control system cyber security Industrial network security Electronic security for industrial automation and control systems

Why control System security is important?

These systems control the services that we consider essential for our way of life.electricity,petroleum production,water,transportation and communication

Recent events have demonstrated the vulnerability of these systems to cyber incidents.

The US and other government have passed regulation protection for control systems operating critical infrastructure.

Standards for industrial Cyber security

ISA - www.isa.org -ISA99 industrial automation and control systems security. -ISA security compliance institute (ISCI)

IEC - www.iec.ch IEC 62443 series of standards equivalent to ISA

WIB- www.WIB.nl -Plant security working group

ISA99 working group 7(WG 7)

Safety and security of industrial automation and control systems

Joint effort with ISA84 and other industry group

Initial Tasks - 1.Completing a security assurance level methodology for cyber security,similar to that of the current safety integrity level (SIL) defined in ISA84 2.Defining and developing processes for identifying intentional and systematic threats that can expose process hazards.