What is Breakout Box?

A breakout box (or BoB) is a device that receives input from multi-line cable and presents the signal for each line individually. As an engineer can verify the correctness of the signal on each line, this proves to be a very useful tool in testing or debugging electrical signals.

Using connectors that either have dual inline packet (DIP) switches or connecting pins, a BoB is usually connected to the serial port of a multiline cable. A compound connector is used when there are several components to be connected.

BOBs come in different sizes, they are available small size that can be fit in computer hard drive and also larger that can be big so that arranged like racks.

Breakout to ACRO-loop:

There are two 34-pin headers on the Breakout Box to supply an Acroloop Motion Control Card with encoder feedback signals. Up to eight (8) encoder feedback axes are provided by the two 34 pin headers (Encoders 0 through 7).

Applications of BOB:

  • Electronic control units

  • Electronic test equipment

  • Customize audio and video (A/V) signals.

  • Test and repair technical equipment because it allows a technician to specially test each component and its connection.