What is Belt sway switch? Conveyor belt switch

What is Belt sway switch?

Belt Sway Switch is a protective switch that detects belt conveyor deviation and gives an alarm and an emergency stop signal.The belt sway switch enables the conveyor to run smoothly and prevents damage.

Construction of a Belt sway switch:

By deviating the conveyor belt from a vertical position to 75, the touch roller is inclined, and the touch roller is returned to a vertical position by spring when the deviation is restored.

When the tilt of the touch roller reaches preset degree, the cams switch on or off the micro switches contacts. The micro switch with terminals labeled 1 and 2 closes and sets off an alarm signal when the touch roller is above a tilt of 20.

Working of Belt sway switch:

Belt sway switch has two action point: One alarm to the belt other when the belt is stopped.

It can sway and touch the roller lever when the belt runs. If the roller lever is pushed by the swinging belt and reaches the 20 ° angle, the Alarm button will be active in the first phase.

If the 35 ° angle is reached, Fault’s second step switch will be active. The misalignment switch will reset automatically when the belt runs again properly. Max. It is possible to push the roller lever to an angle of 75°.

After the fault clearing, the belt departs from the vertical roll and operate normally, the roll may reset automatically.

The Belt Sway Switch of is constructed with high-reliability microswitches, lubricates ball bearings, a touch roller which is titled to 75 , and other parts; its functions are designed with a large margin for sure action and long life.


In the secure conveying scheme, the Belt Sway Switch is commonly used in the belt deviation detection of the belt conveyor for carbon, cement and construction equipment, mining, electricity, port, metallurgy and chemical sectors.

The Belt Sway Switch detects any deviations or swings in the conveyor belt and provides an auto-alarm and sends a signal to stop the conveyor in order to prevent harm.