What is a Transducer?


Device that transform energy from one form to another.

Input transducer

Change non-electrical energy in to electrical energy Example - Thermocouple

Output transducer

Change electrical energy in to non-electrical energy Example - Actuator An actuator is a device that actuates or moves something

Usually engineering transducers are set up to either be read visually or to produce an electrical signal that can then conditioned and converted to a discrete digital signal by a data acquisition with an analog to digital converter. Digital signal can then be manipulated for analysis on a computer.

Industrial uses of transducer

Measurement of Temperature,pressure,force,strain,liquid,level,flow rate,electrical conductivity

Types of transducer

  1. Electrochemical Transducers

pH probe Molecular electric transducers Fuel cell Battery

  1. Electroacoustic

Loudspeaker Microphone Hydrophone


Magnetic cartridge Generator



5.Electromechanical transducer

Generator Motor Strain Gauge Galvanometer

6.Other types of transducer

Photoelectric - light energy to electrical energy or vice versa

Thermoelectric - heat energy to electrical energy or vice versa