What is a fuzzy logic function?

Fuzzy means “not clear, distinct or precise, blurred”. A form of knowledge representation suitable for notation that cannot be defined precisely but which depend upon their context. A fuzzy logic controller mimics the way knowledge human operators would control something.

A Fuzzy applies a set of control rules appropriate to the simulation which may overlap and even contradict with each other.

The block diagram shows a fuzzy logic control system.

The fuzzy logic control uses a set of response rule established by the knowledgesble operator.

The quantizer takes the data from the sensor and converts it into a form the fuzzy logic controller can use.

Fuzzification: The process done by fuzzifier, it transforms the bivalued input values into linguistic values
The process includes translating the values and adding the membership function rules to it.

Defuzzification: Defuzzifier do the opposite function of the fuzzifier, converts the fuzzy value into the bivalued or crisped value.

There different methods to do defuzzification: Max- member method Centroid method Weighted average method