What Happens If Your Furnace Limit Switch Stops Working Properly?

What Happens If Your Furnace Limit Switch Stops Working Properly?

Over time, your furnance’s limit switch may develop problems. These problems are caused by problems of air flow in your system. When your furnace does not have adequate air flow, such as when you are operating with a dirty filter, your heat exchanger will repeatedly overheat and set your limit switch for excessive wear. This can eventually cause a malfunction.

The high limit feels above the temperature of the furnace, if the high limit switch is not working properly, then the oven should not shoot. When the high limit switch is displaced, the flame/heating element will turn off and the fan will continue to operate to clean the heat the blower. The blower will continue to operate until the system is restarted or the limit switch is restarted or replaced.

Regardless of the source of the problems, a malfunction limit switch will cause problems with your system. For example, it is possible that your air controller will never turn on during the warm-up cycles of your home because the limit switch is not sending a signal successfully. Or your oven could overheat without turning it off because your limit switch is not disconnecting the gas from your burners when it should.

Limit switches in an oven are not designed for manual operation, but open at a set temperature and close again when the temperature drops, sometimes with a built-in differential to avoid fast cycles. You can disconnect the control wiring to the limit to open the circuit.You can also disconnect power from the blower fan or control the wiring to force the furnace to heat beyond the cutoff point of the limit switch.

How Can You Ensure Your Furnace Limit Switch Remains In Good Shape?

One way to keep your limit switch in good shape is to schedule a tune-up each year. Airflow problems of the system should be considered stem that may cause your limit switch to break down.

Also, it is important to keep up with changes in the air filter. By doing this we can ensure that your system has adequate air flow, which will avoid the problems described above.