What could cause the motor winding to burn

Explain the reasons for the burning of the motor winding

It could be due to any of the following reasons:


2.Jam Bearing

3.Low voltage

4.Single or two phase running

5.Foreign object

6.Weak insulation

7.Wearing and tearing

8.Over voltage.

9.Protection failure.

10.Mechanical failure.

If a phase fails, the two-phase tries to carry the load hence the current increases then there will be probably a burnt motor winding within an interval. This is the most dominant cause of motor winding burning. If it is not detected in time, most certainly the motor will burn. Also, a bad CB or blown fuse can cause a phase failure.

Bad bearing: when bearing is bad you hear a sharp noise that happens during load or on no-load. They can last for days and months before they cause burn to the motor winding.